How to avoid Azure DevOps capacity crunch?

DevOps and digital transformations have brought an extraordinary increase in the pace and volume of daily change in both development and IT operations.

For both IT and development team managing the capacity of multiple teams is difficult and specially when resources are working on multiple teams or playing different roles. While Azure DevOps provides iteration specific planning and multiple teams, but there is no consolidated view of Capacity across teams.

To understand whether the resources are utilized or under-utilized and over utilized is crucial. DevOpSmartBoard our One Stop Dashboard solution for all the Azure DevOps reporting needs has features that can help project or delivery managers to understand the utilization of resources at multiple team levels. Otherwise it is very difficult task and time consuming to consolidate the data and get insights into how resources are employed.

The Multiple Teams Capacity report provides details of each of the teams working for the common sprint or iterations with details on duration of sprint, days remaining etc. The report displays the members and the multiple teams they are part of, along with that the number of hrs the resource will work or allocates for each team. This data is rolled up to visualize the resource utilization. Colour indications are provided if the resource is working more than the standard hours. The report also provides the Days-Off the members take which might affect one or multiple teams, this data is also captured from different Teams in Azure DevOps and presented in consolidated fashion.

The unplanned work and the interrupt-driven nature of IT operations that is at the heart of most labour-capacity challenges. Interruptions of planned work by unplanned work, and the costly context-switching that comes with them, prevent teams from completing planned project work that the business needs to move forward. The managers can study the details through DevOpSmartBoard report, to understand if there is any Capacity crunch and take necessary actions.

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