Build & Release Pipeline

We will focus on the Pipeline in DevOps, which automates the software development, testing, and deployment process. It enables rapid delivery and collaboration between development and operations teams for efficient updates and new features.

For large applications, tracking build and release details can be challenging. That's where DevOpSmartBoard comes in, providing a comprehensive view of the build and release pipeline.

Build details for selected projects within a specific date range are displayed, with a default setting of the last 30 days report. You can view the report in table format or chart view.

The build table contains essential information such as build number, build definition, selected project, result, and run time (in minutes). The report can be filtered based on build definition, results, and project. DevOpSmartBoard offers the option to convert the report to Excel and PDF formats.

The chart view of the build pipeline showcases total build minutes, average build minutes, cancelled build minutes, and failed build minutes.

Similarly, for the Release Pipeline, the report is based on selected projects and date range, and it can be viewed as a Table or Statistics.

The release report includes details like release name, created date, release stages, project, pre and post approvers, result, and run time. Just like the build report, it offers the option to convert the report to Excel and PDF formats and can be filtered based on definition, project, stages, and result.

Additionally, the release statistics display a project-wise count of successful and failed releases, providing valuable insights into the performance of the release pipeline.

DevOpSmartBoard simplifies DevOps with its centralized view of build and release pipelines. It helps identify trends and issues, making it a useful tool for achieving successful outcomes.

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