Getting started with DevOpSmartBoard

What is DevOpSmartBoard: DevOpSmartBoard (DSB) is the Ultimate End-To-End and One Stop Dashboard solution for all the Azure DevOps reporting needs at organization and project level.

  • DevOps Organization and project level metrics
  • Query work items with various combination of filters and export to excel
  • User Audit: count of User licenses and types, and display non-active users (not used Azure DevOps from last 30 days)
  • Traceability from Epic to granular level Tasks
  • User Capacity across Teams & Projects
  • Project Health
  • Reports on Azure Pipelines at organization levels

The Azure DevOps reporting tool has following various features

Organization Dashboard

This view provides metrics about the Azure DevOps Organization. The tiles display total number of users, count of projects, work items, repos, Pull-Requests, Build & Release Pipeline etc. The charts display Bug trend, project wise count of work items, PR, build and release pipelines.

Project Dashboard

Important metrics of the Team Project like count of work items, repos, pipelines trend etc are provided in this report page. The Tiles display total count of work items, Azure Repos, Pull-Requests, Build & Release Pipeline, and total number of users in the project. The charts display active Work items by type, open bugs by severity, trend of Build and Release executions and outcome

Query Work Item

This report provides work item query option across projects with many choices to filter the data


This report basically provides the user details of the DevOps organization, list of users and access to the projects in the organization and based on the activity for last 30 days. It helps them to study the active/inactive status of user and save on license cost by revoking the license for non-active members


Provides traceability from Epic to Features and from PBI to Task, Test Cases and Bugs. This report helps project managers and leads, to look for end to end traceability right from top level work item type to the lowest level of work item, along with other related items, commits etc.

Multiple Team Capacity

Calculates the capacity of members across teams, following same sprint cycle in a project including off-days. Also, this extended to calculate capacity across multiple projects.

Project Health

Provides key indicators about the project progress, health like critical bugs trend, build & release failure trends etc.

Azure Pipeline Report

Insights into the deployment of apps at different environments. This report provides the details of build and release pipeline results across projects that is at the Azure DevOps Organization level, over a certain duration. You can filter based on projects, definitions, stages, results etc. The more insight the scaling Azure DevOps teams have into the goal, vision, and progress of the work being done, the better enabled they will be to reduce risks and manage dependencies. The scaling team needs to have below Azure DevOps metrics

  1. Rolling plans from granular level to top level items which DevOpSmartBoard provides.
  2. Collaboration across teams is basic necessity for large scaling teams, and DevOpSmartBoard has reports like Cross-Teams Capacity report, across project reporting.
  3. Scaling teams also needs autonomy with individual team’s progress tracking, again DevOpSmartBoard provides Project Health reports, project level metrics

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