Test Management Report Provides Comprehensive Insights and Helps Organize Testing Process

Helps you to view the Testing Process:

Report will provide a clear and quick visual representation of key work items such as Assigned Work Items, Created Work Item, Created Pull Requests, Reviewed Pull Requests, Commits, Triggered Builds, Triggered Releases, and Pending Approvals. These charts allow teams to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, make data-driven decisions, and enhance collaboration. By visualizing essential project details, charts help teams stay on track, optimize processes, and achieve successful project outcomes.


Based on the work item type and state it will show the chart for the created work item.

After clicking the created pull request, or Reviewed pull request chart it will pop up a modal and displaying the ID, status, repository name, project name, and the person who created the pull request and title of the pull request. This information is useful for tracking the progress and history of the pull request within the project.

The Build & Release Trigger chart will show the chart and count, based on the status.


The chart will display the following information:

• Release Id • Definition Name • Release Name • Stage Name • Status

In DevOpSmartBoard, you can quickly view detailed information about a release or build by clicking on a Triggered Releases chart.You can use the chart to quickly identify the releases or builds that you want to view more information about.

In the Commit Chart, you can use the "Date Range" feature to see commits in the selected project and their commit dates. By specifying a date range, you can customize the time period for which you want to see commit activities for the selected project.


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