Azure DevOps Practices that Speed Up the Delivery Pipeline

Deployment in DevOps world is key word. The speed and frequency of deployment matters a lot.

The more frequent deployments to consumer translates’ to the enhanced feedback cycle. The challenge here is to align the business and IT more closely. You can do so by moving to a product-centric model that aligns business objectives with the visible flow of work, from initial business idea through deployment, and by getting customer feedback more quickly.

To understand the behaviour of deliveries, we need metrics to measure the frequency, speed, failure of deployment pipelines. And DevOpSmartBoard our One Stop Dashboard solution for all the Azure DevOps reporting needs will help us with metrics and KPI’s to understand the current and speed up the delivery pipelines.

1. Delivery Frequency

To understand the pipeline delivery speed and frequency is crucial. The speed at which the pipelines will carry the delivery of the changes across various environments is also crucial. To get insights into the bottleneck areas, because of which the speed of delivery or frequency is hampered we can use the Project Health report of DevOpSmartBoard. This report provides key indicators about the build & release failures, deployment frequency, time taken for builds & release etc.

2. Pipeline Duration

If the deployments happen faster, more changes can be delivered faster and consumers will have the product or feature in their hand much earlier than our competitors. The Azure Pipeline report: provides insights into the deployment of apps at different environments, along with duration and other details. We can find out if delivery to certain environment is taking more time and start digging into the details, if there are any manual steps or interventions involved that will be automated. Basically, DevOpSmartBoard provides you insights into Speed of Delivery Pipelines.

Quicker and frequent deployments are good, but quality and success rate are also important factor. Failing deployments are major concerns in DevOps. The “Failed Build & Releases” charts in Project Health Report in DevOpSmartBoard provides failure trend over time and DevOps leaders can debug this and take corrective actions to improve this.

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