Test Management Report Provides Comprehensive Insights and Helps Organize Testing Process

Helps you to view the Testing Process:

Test result reporting has become increasingly important for large organizations as the testing process can become complex and difficult to manage. With numerous test plans, suites, cases, and runs, it can be challenging to keep track of all the testing activity and ensure that all necessary tests have been executed.


In this blog, we'll explore "Test Management" and its significance for testers and developers in terms of test-related reports. The report helps them study and analyse data, extracting valuable insights from the table to generate informative reports about the testing process.

Test Management consists of two reports: Test Run and Test Traceability The Test Run report offers detailed information up to the test results and their attachments, which can be easily viewed and downloaded. The report showcases the test hierarchy starting from the test plan, test suite, test case, test runs, and their results, including any attachments.

On the other hand, the Test Traceability report generates a comprehensive report up to the test case level. An Excel file is created, providing insights into the test case level. For Test Runs, users can view information up to the test result attachments.

The Report Provides the Test plans report in project level, you can get all the test plans, suites, and test cases and test run and the test result attachment in one table. it is easier to organize and manage the testing process. You can easily see which tests have been executed, which ones are pending, and which ones need to be updated or modified.


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