The traceability report provides for an end-to-end relationship between requirements, tasks, test cases and bugs along with commits.

Helps you to track work item flow:

In this blog will discuss about Traceability Report, this feature provides a valuable tool for understanding the hierarchical relationship between different work items in a project. By generating a comprehensive report in a tabular format, users can easily see the connection between Parent Work Items and their corresponding Child Work Items. The table displays essential details such as ID, Type, Title, Sprint, and State for each work item, allowing users to quickly grasp the status and progress of their tasks


users can conveniently export the data in Excel format for further analysis or sharing with team members. This export feature provides flexibility in handling project information.

when selecting the "Feature" work item type, the report presents a well-organized table showcasing all associated User Stories and their respective Child Tasks. The tabular format simplifies the process of identifying and tracking relationships between work items. As a result, project management becomes more efficient and with teams gaining better control over task prioritization and progress monitoring.

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