DevOpSmartBoard - Untouched Work Items


DevOpSmartBoard -The Ultimate End-To-End and One Stop Dashboard solution for all the reporting needs in Azure DevOps at organization and project level. DevOpSmartBoard is currently in preview and has the following reports available:

·         DevOps Organization and project level metrics

·         Query work items with various combination of filters and export to excel

·         User Audit: count of User licenses and types, and display non-active users (not used Azure DevOps from last 30 days)

·         Traceability from Epic to granular level Tasks

·         User Capacity across Teams & Projects

·         Project Health

·         Reports on Azure Pipelines at organization levels

·         Untouched Work Items


DevOpSmartBoard is published in Marketplace.

In this blog we will discuss about Untouched Work Items, Explore the significance of identifying untouched work items and demonstrate how a comprehensive report can be generated by selecting the desired Sprint and Area within the project.

"Untouched Work Items" are tasks that have not been updated for a set period, usually seven days. The report will display crucial details such as ID, Title, Assigned To, Work Item Type, State, Sprint, Area Path, and Last Modified Date. By accessing this report based on the selected project, we can efficiently monitor task progress and ensuring a smooth project management process.

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